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Carmelus - contiene artículos originales de teología y de historia; incluye también ediciones de textos y recensiones. La bibliografía anual procura proporcionar una información lo más completa posible de todo lo publicado por Carmelitas o sobre los mismos.

Analecta - contiene la documentación oficial de la Orden - actas de la Santa Sede, decretos de la Orden, capítulos provinciales, etc. - desde 1909; contiene también artículos, ediciones de textos, noticias.

Edizioni Carmelitane - The Carmelite Publishing House in Rome

Casas Editoriales de los Carmelitas


SPINE (Spirituality Network for Education) - a project of the Titus Brandsma Institute in Nijmegan, Netherlands

SPIRIN (Spirituality International) - an academic web community for those involved in the area of spirituality




Conferencia sobre la Regola de San Alberto

Lisieux, Francia
4 - 7 de Julio de 2005

"Many are the ways ..."

Albert, the Patriarch of Jerusalem provided the Carmelites with their "formula vitae" or Rule between 1204-1214.

Administrative Board of the Order's Institutum Carmelitanum held a conference of invited international scholars to discuss various aspects of on the Rule of St. Albert.

Approximately two dozen scholars from Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, and USA met at L’Ermitage in Lisieux, France from July 4 7, 2005.


Meeting of the Carmelite Institutes Around the World

The various Institutes affiliated with the Carmelite Order and the members of the International Culture Commission met at L'Ermitage in Lisieux, France on July 8-10, 2005. This was the second meeting of the Institutes since 2001.

A study of ways the Institutes might network with each other as well as the use of the internet in projects of the Institutes were the major focuses of the gathering.

Proyecto del Museo Carmelita

The Carmelite Order has made a rich contribution to world culture through the production of art through its 8 centuries of existence.

Many pieces of important Carmelite art, such as stained glass windows at Boppard-am-Rhein, Germany, are already in the world’s great museums.

In our virtual museum, we will show you some of the art that is still located in its original sites, often in churches or monasteries of the Carmelite Order.

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Encuentro de los Bibliotecarios Carmelitas

The Order's librarians met in Boxmeer, Holland on July 1-3, 2004 to continue projects initiated during previous meetings.

Some significant steps were taken which will enable participating libraries to achieve the goal of networking with other Carmelite libraries around the world on various projects.

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Curso sobre el Archivio Carmelita

Two sessions of a course for Carmelite archivists-- one in Italian/Spanish, the other in English-- will be held in 2005. These are being coordinated by Emanuele Boaga, the General Archivist of the Order.

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The Institutum Carmelitanum is the scientific research and educational arm of the General Curia of the Carmelite Order of the Catholic Church. It is comprised of members invited because of their scholarly research and publications in Carmelite topics.